Bringing Talent Together, Even When We're Apart

Supercharge Your Company's Success with our developers: Unleash innovation, efficiency, and Cutting-Edge Solutions!

Fuel Your Company's Success

Experience the transformative power of developers from getINNOtized, fueling your company's success with cutting-edge technologies, diverse state-of-the art tech stacks, and customized solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

Expertly Trained Team Players

Elevate your company's performance with expertly trained team players who bring synergy, collaboration, and a relentless drive for achieving collective goals to your projects. With our offices in Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and Senegal, Europe has access to the vast opportunities we present.

Quality Talent Ecosystem

Over 100 employees work year-round, preparing over 1,200 job seekers to hit the market each year – driven by an unwavering effort that only further elevates expectations surrounding African competence across industries looking for foreign professionals.

getINNOtized Activities

At getINNOtized, we passionately embrace a vision of creating opportunities and bridging the gap for IT professionals across Africa.

Screening, Training & Motivation

By prioritizing screening, training, and motivation, we ensure that our clients receive top-notch talent that is well-equipped, motivated, and committed to delivering exceptional results.

Candidate Placement & Onboarding

Our experienced team carefully matches the skills, expertise, and cultural fit of our IT professionals to the specific needs of your project or organization.

Consistent Career Development

We believe in continuously enhancing the skills of our IT professionals to keep pace with evolving technologies through regular training programs, workshops, and access to online resources.